Rejecting Jesus’ Divinity is Rejecting GOD


“Whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me.” – Luke 10:16

Jesus’ words in today’s Gospel seem pretty clear: if you reject him, you reject God the Father, therefore rejecting God.

I still find it puzzling that there are so many people in the world who accept God but reject Jesus.  They accept a higher power and generally they accept the God described by Jesus in the New Testament: a creator, a loving father.  But that’s where they stop.  They seem to not want to embrace Jesus’ divinity.

I can’t help but think this is mostly out of a sense of ignorance to what 1. God is/has done and 2. who Jesus is (God).

Let’s start by explaining the Holy Trinity.  God is ONE Being. He existed before time and space.  He keeps EVERYTHING in existence. If He decided, all of this would be gone in an instant, the entire universe back to nothingness.  We’re kept in existence because He created us to love him and share His love with others.  He didn’t NEED us; He WANTED us.  That’s incredibly humbling.  And since the beginning, we have sinned, requiring His mercy again and again.

The biggest sin is to reject His Son.  While God is ONE begin, He is THREE Persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).  All THREE of these have always existed and it’s between these three persons that LOVE exists in perfect form.

There are two chapters to our creation.  The first is creation until the announcement of God becoming man.  After the Fall of Adam and Eve, God has been preparing His people to be ready for His Son, for renewal, getting ready to open Heaven and allowing us to become more intimate with Him.  It took a long time since the original Fall was so terrible and willful.  Our hearts had to be softened to Him.  If you read the Old Testament, it’s nothing but sin and mercy, sin and mercy.

Then, when He deemed us ready, He created Mary, our beloved Mother Without Sin, because God could not enter into a being that was not herself perfect, though human.  From the moment of the Annunciation (when St. Gabriel the Archangel told Mary she was to take God into her and he would become human), we entered this second phase of our story: from the time of Jesus through His second coming.

God is so good!  Through Jesus He Himself walked on Earth, encountered many humans, healed, proclaimed the Kingdom, and LOVED.  It’s very humbling that God walked among us in this way.  After doing all he could, he gave his ultimate sacrifice in LOVE by dying on the cross.  Did he have to?  Of course not!  One snap of the finger and our sins could have been forgiven.  Yet, He died on the cross so that we, as humans, could understand what love is.  That we had this concrete example of pure love and sacrifice, because that’s what God wants.

Then, by raising from the dead (which really is God just re-presenting himself in a more perfect form), he showed us that he was truly God (not just some great preacher or healer as many at this point argue).  He was and is Divinity itself.  He, just as the other two persons of the Holy Trinity, are ONE TRUE GOD.

So, by rejecting Jesus as your savior, rejecting his divinity, rejecting His presence in the Blessed Sacrament, you are rejecting the God that you acknowledge as creator.

It’s great to “be a good person.”  We should all strive for that.  But that isn’t the point of life.  The point of life is to SERVE God through Love.  Love for HIM.  Love for others.  Serving others so that you serve Him.  And in doing so, having a RELATIONSHIP with God.  Be His friend.

Jesus wants you to literally love him, to have a personal relationship with him.  How do you do that?  Through prayer!  There’s formal prayer.  There’s chatting with Him in a casual way.  There’s devotions.  No one way is better than the other.

Today on this First Friday I plan on “hanging out” with Jesus at adoration.  There we’ll just chat.  I’ll listen.  I’ll pray the Rosary.  It’s not every day you get to hang out with GOD in person.  Usually we have to get through this challenging life and die in a state of grace to get to do that. (Thank goodness for Confession!).

If you believe in God but not Jesus, I suggest you read the New Testament.  Pick one and start in the beginning.  I find it hard for anyone to read the New Testament and not fall in love with Jesus.

Then, ponder the early Church.  Christianity arose amidst terrible persecution.  So many died for Jesus.  They had to believe in Jesus’ divinity and God’s promise in order to do so. Even today, many die for Him, becoming martyrs.  This isn’t just “some guy.” This is YOUR Savior.  He’s our “Savior” because he offers the way to eternal salvation, to an eternity that far surpasses anyone’s comprehension.  No need to be afraid of death as a Christian because you know you’ll be with Jesus, who loves you more than ANYONE, in a perfect love.


Jesus is always knocking.  He’ll never force His way into your heart.

So, if Jesus is knocking on your heart (and I’m sure he is), take a pause and listen.  Your short life here will benefit enormously by developing a true relationship with Jesus but more importantly, you’ll know that you have nothing to fear but fear itself, for the Gates of Heaven will be open to you.

Don’t reject God.  Embrace Him with open arms, knowing he’s with you always (and literally  in the Blessed Sacrament).

Have a blessed day!


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I came to call the sinners.


“I did not come to call the righteous but sinners.” Mt 9:13

Today’s Gospel tells the story of Jesus calling Matthew the tax collector to follow him.  Afterwards they went to his house, where Jesus sat and ate among other tax collectors and sinners.

Anytime I hear about Jesus coming to save the sinners, I’m reminded of a book I read as a teen.  Of course, I have no idea what the title was or even what the story was about but one part has stuck with me, as thing will from that time of our lives:

In the story there is a man and in the beginning of the book he discussing the Catholic Church versus Protestant churches (I think he’s a Protestant minister).  He points out what he perceives to be the difference: in the Protestant church, it was about how good you could be, how holy.  After all, you are one of Jesus’s disciples and any misbehavior was frowned upon.  You came to church because  you were worthy.  Then he reflected on the Catholic Church, where EVERYONE is labeled a sinner and if you think you’re righteous, think again.  You come because you are a sinner and constantly are in need of grace.

Now, I don’t know if the premise is true about protestants because I’ve never been one, but I definitely know that the Catholic Church is for sinners.  As Jesus says in today’s Gospel

“Those who are well do not need a physician but the sick do.” Mt 9:12

It’s important to make sure we are always humble enough to recognize our sin.  Do not compare yourselves to others, saying “Well, I would never to THAT.”  Rather, compare yourself to JESUS, where we all fall terribly short, short in how we treat each other, short in how we serve each other, short in how we use our gifts and talents given to us by God to use for the good of others.  I could go on and on.

As a Catholic we practice the Sacrament of Confession, as we are told to “confess to one another” by James (Js 5:13).  Sure, we can say “I’m sorry” to Jesus with a humble heart and are likely forgiven, BUT it is only in the Confessional, when we say out loud to Jesus our sins (whom the priest is acting in place of) that we KNOW we are forgiven, whether we walk away “feeling” forgiven or not.  Absolution is absolution.

I could go on and on about the Sacrament of Reconciliation as it is such a blessing, but I’ll save that for another post.

As you talk to God today, say an Act of Contrition even before your day starts.  I heard this was said by St. Phillip, “God, watch out for Phillip today.  He’s likely to try to exact his will instead of yours,” or something to that effect.  Rather than just saying “God, your will be done,” go a step further and acknowledge that you are a sinner and are likely to try to get in the way of God’s will through your own fallen way.

So sinners, go in peace, and reach out to that confessional!  It may be a bit scary at times but humility is the strongest virtue, the virtue that all other virtues spring from.  And trust me, nothing you say will surprise or shock your priest (or rather, Jesus 😉).

This is Laura from What Laura Likes.  Have a very blessed day!

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My Must-Have Tools To Staying a Fit Mom

Bikini-Ready Fitness Tip!

I’m sure if you’re like almost every other woman this time of year, your goal is to get fit!  Being strong and heathy is an amazing goal and one that should be reached for throughout the year.

Remember, our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit and we are entrusted to keep them healthy and able to carry out the tasks God sets before us.

I’m my newest video I share my favorite fitness tools that I use in order to make fitness a continuous part of my life.  If you keep it simple, you can accomplish almost anything!

My Must-Have Tools Video

I’m curious: What is YOUR favorite fitness tool that you use to stay in shape? 

Until next time,


Hard Words of Jesus, Or Are They?


“For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it.  What profit is there to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit himself?” LK 9:24-25

Jesus over and over in His ministry asks people to give of their lives, walk away from family and pick up their cross and follow Him.

What does this really mean?  It may mean a calling to a religious order but if we are already mothers and fathers with young children, we have chosen our path and we need to look at this from another perspective.  As Saint Therese says, we cannot be all things we want to be, but that it doesn’t ultimately matter if we’re serving the poor in Africa or raising our children because her realization is that it’s about LOVE and serving love in whatever capacity you can in your situation.

So what about this “losing your life” idea?  Well, lets think about what life on Earth typically becomes.  You marry, have 2.5 children, a few pets, a mortgage, a couple cars, and a career.  You try to do good but you’ve built this life and it consumes most of your thoughts and energy.  Perhaps you find time to pray for 5 minutes before bed but you spent 3 hours that day on your iPad throughout due to stress or entertainment.

GOD WANTS YOU!  But you have to give your life to God.  Stop concerning yourself with issues solely of this world: politics that have NOTHING to do with the poor, the weak, or the innocent; sports; tv programs and celebrities; gambling and other vices; and YOUR happiness.

That’s what HE means when He says to abandon your life.  Your eyes must ALWAYS look up and the more they look up, the more distasteful the majority of this life is.  You will start to yearn to be with Jesus in Heaven because the more you realize that that IS happening, that that IS the next phase and the reality for those who die in GRACE, the less appealing the entertainment of this meager world is.  Remember, Earth is the Devil’s domain.  God is ABOVE, not around.

So, this passage that used to cause me so much stress because I did NOT want to leave my beautiful life, now makes complete sense.  No, we don’t need to literally abandon our loved ones but we need to abandon our “life” as is contains the trappings of earthly vices and entertainment.

“LOVE all but ignore most.”  That’s my new motto.  Not most people but most messages that surround us.  Instead, read the words of the Saints.  Read the Gospel.  Pray incessantly.  Treat others KINDLY.

God is calling you to pause and let go – let go of social media, let go of your vices that are keeping you of filling this life with meaning and purpose and the true task set before you.

Remember: you are not guaranteed to make it to noon today.  You’re not guaranteed to make it to dinner.   You’re not guaranteed to take a breath tomorrow morning.  This is not an excuse to “have fun” every day because it may be your last.  Rather, it’s a task to live each day through the lens of LOVE and SACRIFICE and tasks that are PLEASING TO GOD.  We ALL have the ability to die in a state of grace.  Ponder what that means and I pray that you take steps this very day to “lose your life” for His sake.

I’m curious: What is one vice you would love to be rid of?  Ask Jesus to take it from you, promising to fill that time with efforts of love and sacrifice.  

Until next time,