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Find! Toddler Sleep Cot


As you know, we’re traveling around visiting family.  I can easily share a bed with my six-year-old but attempting to co-sleep with my three-year-old son is a no-go.  That kid is antsy and honestly has never enjoyed co-sleeping.

So, suffice to say, he needed some kind of bed.  After doing some quick research I found the Regalo My Cot Portable Bed on Amazon.

Since the first night we’ve been continuously pleased with it.  The size is very close to that of a crib mattress and very adequate for my three-year-old tall son.  No fall outs, one of my concerns.  It’s been nice being able to provide him with a familiar sleep space within the different homes we’re sleeping in.  I just wish I had bought it a couple years ago!

I highly suggest this cot if you travel anywhere with a toddler/preschooler.  The description says the bed maxes out at 5 years old but I’d guess it’s more like four. However, you can get a great couple of years out of it!


After reading reviews, I found the best combo for a good night’s sleep was to layer the bedding.  This is how I set it up:

  • The cot (folds and unfolds SO easy and comes with storage bag and fitted sheet)
  • A blanket of some sort to create a cushion
  • The fitted sheet that came with the bed
  • A crib waterproof cover (I got this one on Amazon and it’s SO soft!)
  • A crib fitted sheet
  • Blankets and pillow (if needed)

So far it’s been used a full week plus naps with no problems. 😃  I love that he’s not far off the ground but has a more traditional sleep space.

I’m curious: where does your toddler sleep when you travel?

Until next time,


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