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Getting Started with Essential Oils


Essential oils are one of my recent obsessions.  I’ve heard about them for the past few years, especially when DoTerra was really big, and part of my hesitation was the price point with those companies.  Yikes.  But I also knew I didn’t want a low-quality, watered-down product so I just abstained.  That is, until a few months ago.

I remember how it all started.  Winter was coming and I knew I needed a new humidifier for the kiddos.  I started searching around Amazon and I kept coming across vaporizers that also worked with essential oils.  I was intrigued but still hesitant, since I thought I was priced out of EOs.  After some research I came across the site Edens Garden and saw that they had gift sets for $31.95 for 6.  That broke down to less than $5.50 per EO bottle and to me, that seemed very reasonable.  Plus, the cool thing about the gift sets is there were a ton of options to mix and match for my own needs.  I grabbed a few blends and a few single oils and waited impatiently for them to arrive.  (To see the vaporizer I chose, click here.  I’m still very happy with it.)


Once I start down a rabbit hole I typically don’t come up for a couple weeks, until I get bored or find something else that intrigues me.  Below are a couple of great resources I found that talk about the benefits of EOs as well as uses and safety information.

  1. YouTube video: Essential Oils | Getting Started, Must-Have Oils, & Ways to Use Them!
  2. Book recommendation: The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness

Both of these resources got me really excited but also cautioned me.  I have a six year old and three year old.  Children under six are very sensitive to EOs and only certain EOs are safe to use on kids.  To check out my kid safety post, click here.

Ideas to Get You Started

Cleaning Spray:

I use vinegar and water already to clean about 90% of my house.  It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s green.  Since Edens Garden has a Cleaning Blend, it was easy to incorporate that into my concoction to create a more potent and lovely smelling cleaner.

Here’s the breakdown I use:
2 cups of water
1 cup of vinegar
20 drops of Cleaning Blend EO

Vacuum Refresher: 

Add a couple drops of EO to a cotton ball and drop in your vacuum bag.  The EO will waft out while you vacuum.  Lemon is a natural disinfectant so it’s a nice one to use to purify the air.


To diffuse in a vaporizer, here’s a breakdown of drops per milliliter.  Be cautious: some EOs are very potent and require less than others.  Also, it’s always best to err on the lower side and then add another drop if it wasn’t enough.  You don’t want to the scent to be overwhelming.

100 mL – 3-5 drops
200 mL – 6-10 drops
300 mL – 9-15 drops
400 mL – 12-20 drops
500 mL – 15-25 drops

I’m curious: what are your favorite essential oils?  Do you have a go-to recipe?

Until next time,


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