Miracles of Heaven Through the Children


Last night I was having a wonderful discussion about our faith with my in-laws.  During it we were speaking about near-death experiences as well as God’s continuous presence here on Earth.  For the first time, I was told about Akiane and her spiritually inspired paintings and poetry.  I had never heard the story about how Jesus visited her and how afterwards she then, at age 8, painted His likeness.  This in itself is pretty incredible, especially as she was raised by atheist parents.

If you visit her website you’ll see that she indeed is very gifted and touched by God.

However, when you pair Akiane’s story with the account of the little boy who died and visited Heaven and later identified Jesus as exactly what Akiane painted, that’s when the goosebumps appear.  (You can read Colton’s whole story in the book Heaven Is For Real.)

The story goes that the little boy Colton, age 4, had died during an emergency surgery and went to Heaven.  When he was resuscitated he began talking about his visit, describing things he had never known, such as telling his parents he had met his sister, a baby the mom had miscarried and never told him about.  One day he was describing Jesus while his father was online looking through pictures of Jesus.  As he came across Akiane’s “Prince of Peace” the little boy shouted “That’s him!  That’s the man I met in Heaven!”


I love that Jesus is always reaching out to us in so many ways, whether through nature, a beautiful poem or painting, a guiding presence through a difficult time, or through a friend saying what you needed to hear in that very moment.

I don’t have many words at the moment.  Rather, I just wanted to share this amazing story because after I heard it, I wanted everyone to hear it.

To hear Colton describe Jesus while the Shroud of Turin is imposed over The Prince of Peace painting, click here. 

I’m curious: Have you heard of this remarkable miracle story before?  Do you have another Faith story that has touched you in a deep way? 

Until next time,


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