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The Curious Draw of Dark and Light

As I am currently residing at my inlaws, I’ve noticed a funny inclination to reach for brightly colored mugs. If only dark colors are available, I internally frown and sigh, knowing my coffee or tea experience will be less that what it should be because I have to use the dreaded dark cup.

And that got me philosophizing on a deeper level: why is it that I am so drawn to lighter colors?

Turns out it’s both a biological as well as experiential explaination. Biologically, we should be drawn to colors that represent clear skies and clean water, colors that promote health. Experientially, those moments or memories that were strongly positive or strongly negative have colors associated with them that can affect our color preferences as well.  A cozy log cabin during childhood will create different preferences than an imagined sunroom with gauzy white curtains and a sea breeze. (Read more about the psychology of color preferences here.)

Today I was at Starbucks and picked up this mug. It’s almost ridiculous how happy it makes me to have a nice, white, crisp mug  to drink my tea and coffee from.
It’s not that one is better than the other. It’s just a preference and differences make life interesting.

I’m curious: do you favor a darker or lighter shade when it comes to your own beverage enjoyment? 

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2 thoughts on “The Curious Draw of Dark and Light”

  1. I enjoyed your explanation of color. I have certain coffee mugs that I favor. Unfortunately my fav recently was broken so I no longer have a favorite. I haven’t found a replacement yet.

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