Getting Back on Track with Food


It’s February.  The holidays are behind me.  It’s time to look ahead to warmer days and less clothes and that means getting back into shape.

Rain continues to fall and opportunities to get in a good walk are few and far between, especially since I suffer from some odd condition where my legs itch when I exert myself in the cold.  So until the weather warms, I am limited to what I can do inside the house.

Because I have to do something!  Whatever the cause: holidays, stress, moving, weather, my weight has continued to creep up to a number I haven’t seen in years.  And for the first time in a long time I’m baffled with how to fix it.

But I am determined to fix it.


My first step was to start a fitness program.  Beachbody has a one-year unlimited On Demand option that unlocks all previous and new programs.  I heart Beachbody.  I was even a coach for about a  year but that’s ended.  However, this new deal was exactly what I needed, providing me with a great variety of body weight options available over the next months.

I decided to work through the 60-day PiYo program first.  Chalene has a special place in my heart as Turbo Jam was the first program I ever did.  One of the best things about her routines is that she does the routine WITH you!

So far PiYo has been an awesome fit.  I downloaded the calendar and I’m working though it, though I can see combining Upper Define and Lower Define into one day for added intensity as well as expedited results.  To check out BB on Demand (I am NOT a coach, just think it’s a great option for many), click here.  For a PiYo calendar, check out this one. (She also has a great synopsis of her PiYo results on her site.)


However, a week into PiYo I can tell it’s not alone going to solve my problem.  Apparently I can no longer eat whatever I want and not suffer the consequences.  Enter MyFitnessPal.  Whenever I’m serious about losing weight or there seems to be a disconnect with my weight and my expectations, I go back to this awesome tool.

I just re-downloaded it and it’s better than ever.  You can SCAN packaging and get an easy entry that way.  One thing you MUST do when you use the program is measure you food.  Get a food scale.  It’s almost impossible to keep an accurate food log without it.

Most likely, if you’re like me and can’t figure out what’s going on; you’re eating too much and/or you’re underestimating the amount of food you’re intaking.  A food log such as MyFitnessPal makes you PAY ATTENTION and that’s usually the biggest step in getting your food under control.

When I use MyFitnessPal I pay more attention to actual hunger cues versus eating for boredom or because I want to fill an emotional need.  (Cue “go meditate!”).  And that cookie doesn’t look nearly as good when I see its stats pop up on my phone screen.

Today is Day 1 and I’m determined to track my food for a week.  That’ll give me a week to reset, get some control back, and possibly slim down a little to where my jeans are comfortable again.

I’m curious: Do you use any type of app or food log to keep track of your eating habits?  What’s your go-to when you need to lose some weight?

Until next time,


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