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Love Your Melon: a Hat For a Cause


Winter in the NW can get pretty chilly. After living in North Carolina for quite a few years it’s been an adjustment.  Slowly I’m having to build back up my winter wardrobe.

Minimalism has taught me to only bring items into my wardrobe that:

  1. Bring me joy
  2. Are responsibly made (when possible)
  3. Will last for many years to come

Does this mean I sometimes spend a little more?  Sure.  But over time not only am I getting my money’s worthy but I’m also:

  1. Contributing less to “fast fashion”
  2. Saving labor/production costs because one less item has to be made
  3. Getting to enjoy a quality product for years instead of only for a season


Trying on my new Love Your Melon cuffed beanie. LOVE IT!

I came across LYM completely by chance.  I had decided to give Instagram another try and the social media platform suggested that I follow Kristin Bell.  Out of curiosity I clicked on her name and a few photos down saw her rocking a Love Your Melon hat.  I noticed her reference to donating profits for cancer and headed over to the site.

When I got over there I was immediately impressed:

  • 50% of profits from sales goes towards pediatric research
  • The hats are all made in the USA
  • The company’s main mission is the place a hat on the head of every child battling cancer

The company was founded in a college entrepreneurial class at St. Thomas University in Minnesota.  At the time they reached their first goal of donating 45,000 hats.

Once that goal was reached they created a new goal of raising a million dollars towards pediatric cancer research.

As of today, more than $2.5 million and 90,000 hats have been donated.


To see how the beanie is made, click here.  After watching the video I am even happier with my decision.

If you’re in the market for a new winter hat or want to learn more about LYM, you can visit them here.

I’m curious: Do you make conscious choices when it comes to your clothing purchases?  Do you have a favorite company that is committed to giving back?  

Until next time,


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