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Minimalism Tip: Keep a Donation Bag/Box


When it comes to practicing minimalism, I have found that a constant re-assessment of my “stuff” is in order.  This is what makes minimalism so powerful: you don’t clear clutter once; you clear clutter continually.  I think that is where the other clutter self-help books fail: they don’t deal with the aftermath.  Sure, you can clean your house once through (or a room) but if you don’t then put systems in place to continually reassess and keep items to a minimum, chaos is bound to follow eventually.

For me, one key action that has helped me keep my item count from growing out of control is my donation bag.  It’s literally a grocery bag that sits in the bottom of my closet.

When I come across an item that is worn out, too small (kids’ clothes for example), or just does not bring my joy to wear any longer, it IMMEDIATELY goes into the donation bag.

NO SECOND GUESSING.  It’s a snap decision and once it’s made, the item stays in that bag.  Then, once the bag is full, it gets take to the Goodwill donation center quickly.

By having the bag there, in my closet, it provides a constant reminder for me to assess and reassess my clothes (among other items) to make sure they are still serving their purpose.

It’s a very simple practice everyone can start practicing today.  Grab a grocery bag (or a packing box or some other receptacle) and place it somewhere you’ll see it.

I first heard about this idea from The Minimalists.  If you haven’t checked them out and you’re interested in minimalism, I highly suggest watching their film, checking out one of their books, listening to their podcast, or reading a few blog articles.  Their approach to minimalism is refreshing and practical and they DO NOT have a “one type fits all” mentality.

I’m curious: What is one tip you have that helps you with your goal of minimalism?

Until next time,


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