Detox Week: Going Paleo


“I can’t seem to drop the weight.”  Have you ever said that phrase or something similar?  Lately I’ve been in a weird space I’ve never been in before: I’m working out and fairly active all day (typically exceed my 10k steps) but my weight is STUCK!  And at a much higher number than one year ago.

I know how I got here: stress eating!  Raise your hands if you do that too!  Huge life changes, winter, and other people’s kitchens lead me to this weight gain.  I take full responsibility.  However, as Marvin K. Mooney’s mother would say: “The time has come. The time is now.”

My diet has to change. 

Now, I will NEVER tell anyone that dieting is the answer and that is not what I am proposing here.  What I am talking about is the word “diet” as the simple idea of “what I eat.”  When I am thoughtful about my “diet” and what I put into my mouth, I know that my body responds much more positively compared to when I just eat whatever is around.

A little over a year ago I endeavored to do the same thing.  I decided to cut out sugar, dairy, and wheat as well as wine and caffeine.  I know.  It was drastic.  But I was desperate to detox after a very indulgent trip home for a memorial service.

The side effect of cutting out all of that junk was that I noticed I felt BETTER!  Not only that, I felt GOOD.  And my stomach pains and headaches disappeared.  One day, while wandering around Barnes and Noble, I saw a Paleo cookbook and upon further inspection, I realized that was what I was doing! I had found the paleo diet naturally by mistake.  The lead me down a rabbit hole that is really meant for another day but suffice to say, I learned a lot and it’s almost shocking that I got off track.  However, eating paleo can be EXPENSIVE.  And . . . it takes planning.  No longer can you whip up spaghetti and frozen meatballs for a quick dinner and call it good.

Lately, besides the weight gain my stomach HURTS! I can tell my gut health is not what it should be.  I’m guessing the two are related: my gut and weight stagnation, and so my solution at the moment is to give myself ONE WEEK of PALEO-ONLY foods, a kind of “get back to basics” detox that is meant to help me switch from a sugar-burning machine to a fat-burning machine, as well as drop a few pounds of bad eating off of my body.

I thought I would first let you know what my plan is and then share daily what I eat.  It’s both a way to keep me accountable as well as a way to help others who may want to venture into this world of paleo.

DISCLAIMER: I will NOT be counting calories or containers while doing this.  I am following the classic “eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied (not full)” and I will be shutting down the kitchen at 7pm and not eating until 7am (intermittent fasting in a casual way).

What I am NOT eating:

  • GRAIN OR PSEUDO-GRAINS (anything with anti-nutrients)
    • No: corn, quinoa, brown rice, white rice (sugar levels), pasta, bread, etc.
  • WINE (I don’t drink any other forms of alcohol but it’s assumed all alcohol would be off the table if you were also doing this for the week)
  • CAFFEINE (I WILL be drinking ONE cup of pour-over coffee in the morning; this is about one rounded TBSP of coffee grounds)

Here’s what DAY 1 looked like:

*Cup pour-over coffee with 1/4-1/3 c unsweetened original almond milk*

Meal 1: one egg over easy, cooked in coconut oil, with sauteed baby kale and a tbsp of fresh guacamole (store bought but clean)

Meal 2: Vega-One shake with half of a banana, spoonful of almond butter (no oils or salts, just almonds), and one cup of almond milk

Meal 3: celery with almond butter, salad of baby kale, strawberries, blueberries, and carrots, topped with a sprinkle of raspberry vinaigrette (which honestly probably had a little sugar since it was store bought – not being a huge stickler about little things like that since I use so little) *also, this meal was a spur of the moment deal and normally would have included grilled chicken to make it actually keep me going for a while

*Cup of mint tea*

Meal 4: salami, cashews, and black olives (until satisfied) *just got home from Trader Joe’s and I was HUNGRY

Meal 5: dill salmon and roasted brussel sprouts and asparagus (raw red bell pepper during cooking)

*Cup of rooibos tea from TJ

Meal 6: tbd (I try to look over my day and see what holes may be there – of course paleo comes down to fats and proteins so most likely I’ll have some cashews right around my cut off time so I’m not starving all night)

Eating paleo is simple and doesn’t HAVE to be expensive if you keep it simple.  Before I was baking and trying a bunch of great recipes and it just added up.  Since my time frame is short, my budget should be fine.

I’m curious: Let me know if you eat paleo, have tried eating paleo in the past, or if you like the idea of giving it a try.  

My goal for next Saturday is to reintroduce a food group (haven’t decided which one yet) and see what happens. And of course, that’s only if I want to.  I might feel too good and won’t want to change it up yet.  Here’s to free choice!

Until next time,


Awesome kids’ book: Marvin K. Mooney by Dr. Suess

Gut health podcast: Chalene Johnson interviewing Dr. Zach Bush Part 1 and Part 2 
*she has a bunch of recent podcasts about health lately that I highly suggest!

Vega-One blog post: click here to read my thoughts on this amazing Shakeology dupe

Dill Salmon recipe: PaleoOMG


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