Paleo Detox Week: Day 2


It’s Day 2 and I’m honestly feeling pretty good!  Last night I gave in and ate a handful of sunflower seeds around 8pm because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep hungry.  I ate my first meal at around 0730 because I had a raging headache and needed to take ibuprofen so I “fasted” for about 10-11 hours, rather than the full 12, which is my goal.

I’m pretty sure the headache was hormonal but I did remember that there is such a thing as the “low carb flu” (see link below for a full description).  I don’t remember feeling too bad the last time I did this and being surprised about the possible side effects in the first couple weeks.  However, it’s possible I’ll get hit with these “flu” symptoms this time around. At this point, besides the headache, I feel great.


*Coffee w/ almond milk*

Meal 1: Banana with almond butter (I had to eat something quick in order to take ibuprofen for the headache.  Bananas aren’t ideal b/c so high on glycemic index *high carb*).

Meal 2: One egg (organic free-range) over easy in coconut oil; sautéed baby kale and grape tomatoes with a spoonful of guacamole

Meal 3: Salami; leftovers: salmon dinner from night before (see Day 1 post) *I started to roast veggies and bake some chicken but then I remembered there were leftovers!  Woohoo!  Awesome way to meal plan AND stretch your budget.

*Coffee w/ almond milk* (Yes. I did say only one cup of coffee a day BUT today is SUNDAY!  I LOVE another cup of coffee, curled up with my Agatha Christie book, on a Sunday after Mass).

Meal 4: Vega One drink with banana and almond butter

Meal 5: Most likely this will be the pot roast cooking on the stove.  My MIL is cooking tonight and chose a paleo-esque meal so no cooking for me!  Woohoo!

Hopefully the pot roast can be my last and final meal.

I’m about to head downstairs for a 21 Day Fix workout so I’ll end this post here.  Let me know if you are enjoying the updates!

Until tomorrow!


Low-carb flu description:

Agatha Christie book I’m reading: The Man in the Brown Suit *if you have no read an Agatha Christie novel, pick one up!  Wow!  This is my first and it will not be my last!
(Also, I’m going to be annoying right now and recommend everyone have a library card and then put books you want ON HOLD!  They literally take all the time and energy out of it and I just walk in and pick up my books of the hold shelf.  I do this a ton for homeschooling resources too.  The library is the hands-down best way to get books.  IT’S FREE!  Unless you’re going to need to highlight or mark up for some reason.) 

My Vega-One blog post: click here


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