Paleo Detox: Day 3


Today I woke up feeling great!  I felt slim.  I felt tight.  I looked forward to my workout later that morning.  I chose to do Plyo Fix since I officially just finished a round of 21 Day Fix and I’m now going to mix it up with cardio days and strength days, pulling from other workouts like P90X and P90X3.

But I digress . . .

Last night I ended up with less dinner than I had planned.  Ryan ate most of my meat . . . whoops!  So if memory serves I ended up eating part of an apple, maybe a few salami and some cashews and sunflower seeds to round things out.  I also had my trusty chamomile tea that I have every night before bed.

I did have a very tiny headache during the night but it didn’t require medication and went away fairly quickly. Otherwise, I’m noticing that if I eat a well-rounded meal, I’m not getting hungry as quickly, though I’m still ravenous when I am hungry (so most likely my body is still trying to burn sugar).

Also, the cravings have set in!!!  Ahh! I’m dying for something salty and crunchy but greasy too . . . there are so many foods in the house I’m not allowing myself to eat right now!  This is why my sugar resolve never keeps as long as the other ones. lol  Easter chocolate is all around me!

When I craving happens, I grab a drink!  I drink a ton of tea! Mint, rooibos, chamomile . . . tea satisfies that desire to consume something but keeps me on track.



Meal 1: Half a banana (so I could get my workout done without passing out*

Meal 2: Vega One drink with almond butter (this did not keep me full as long as I had hoped . . . probably bc I needed more calories with the plyometric workout)

Meal 3: Salami, cashews, apple segments (I was taking the kids to the mall.  I scarfed a couple slices of the salami before heading out and grazed on the other two as needed.

*12 oz almond milk decaf latte*

Meal 4: Two eggs in coconut oil with sauteed baby kale and half of an avocado (the avocado makes it all SOOOO good!)

Meal 5: vanilla coconut yogurt with fresh blueberries (I know there’s sugar in this but sugar is not my MAIN issue and it’s so minimal compared to my whole day)

Meal 6: Chicken and veggies (I preheat the oven to 400 and put chicken tenders on one sheet with some coconut oil and spices and the throw a variety of veggies on the other sheet with coconut oil, salt and pepper, and bake both until done.  Chicken is usually about 10 min, maybe a little more.  I flip it at 10.  Veggies take a little while longer. I go until they are starting to crisp.”

Baked chicken and roasted veggies

*Note: I am not doing a “no-sodium” deal along with this.  I tried that with 21DF and I’m sorry, you just need some salt!  Otherwise, as Chef Ramsey would say “IT’S BLAND!!”  Plus, a little bit of salt is so good for you! So I just do a dash when I bake, enough to bring out some flavor. But I find it better to add salt than to use a mix that already contains it. 

*cup of mint tea*

Meal 7: COOKIES!  I was having a SERIOUS craving so in desperation I looked up almond butter cookies.  Hey, it’s paleo!  They are so good!  I think I’ve had 5. I’m stopping now.  I promise.  lmao  On the plus side, I feel VERY satisfied and I should easily be able to fast from now (7:19pm until 7:19am).  🙂

Almond butter cookies (see recipe below)

*cup of rooibos tea*

Eating well is so much more fun when you just listen to your body and stop when you’re full.  NO GUILT!

Until tomorrow!


Cookie Recipe: almond butter paleo cookie


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