Paleo Detox Week: Day 5 & 6


With the concern that I was becoming redundant, I decided to stop posting daily.

Something interesting happened last night: my stomach was upset.  And this morning I woke up with abdominal pain.  Up until now I’ve been pain-free so I knew it had to be one of two things: 1) I didn’t take my Restore supplement (I only do 1 tsp/day because it’s intense) and 2) I drank two small glasses of red wine before bed.

I was planning on abstaining the entire week but yesterday my three-year-old would NOT take “no” for an answer and was badgering us to death.  “Can I have chocolate?”  “Can I have a cookie?” and even if he got an answer, the question would still be repeated 20 times.  Yikes!  By 7pm I needed a little help chilling out.

Because that’s the only thing I ate/drank that was different I did a little research.  Turns out wine can easily cause bloating and discomfort.  Apparently our bodies can only process 1 oz of alcohol per hour!  So that was likely the culprit.

Knowing this is pretty powerful.  Though I plan on getting back off the wagon this weekend, I love having this extra bit of information about how my body personally processes wine.  In the near future I plan on having a glass with dinner and seeing if that appeases my internal processing better.

Other than the wine incident, my diet has been clean and I have felt very good!  I’m still getting headaches nightly but I’m guessing that’s still the transition away from a lot of carbs.  It disappears once I have a cup of coffee so it’s not anything that would keep me from continuing this transition.

Instead of a meal by meal breakdown (I generally eat almost the same thing daily) I’ll just list out generally what I have eaten in the last 24 hours:

Fresh veggies
Fresh fruit
Almond milk decaf latte
Leftover chicken and veggies
Coconut ice cream (just a few bites – SO good and sugar was only 8g per serving)
Almond butter cookies
Vega One shake

I have to go grocery shopping tonight/tomorrow am and plan on picking up:

Almond butter
Coconut yogurt
Almond milk
Breakfast sausage (so good when mixed with eggs and walnuts!)

Tomorrow will be Day 7!  Crazy!  I definitely plan on going at least one more week.  My workouts feel easier and I have more clarity throughout the day.  I feel like my energy stays up throughout the entire day and I get more done.

I’m curious: If you have a favorite paleo food or recipe, please share!

Until next time,


Restore supplement: Dr. Bush’s gut repair elixir 

Effects of wine: Livestrong article


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