Paleo Detox Week: Day 7 and Final Thoughts


Day 7 was fairly easy and uneventful.  I did have to make a separate dinner from leftovers because the family was having a pasta dish but aside from that, I just ate my usual standbys, along with more cookies.

Those cookies were NOT a good idea if my goal was pure weight loss.  That and an occasional glass of wine somewhat reversed my weight drop from Day 4 BUT I know that if I want to get lower, I’ll just cut those two things out.  No biggie.


Would I do this again?   Absolutely!  I think that eating paleo is definitely what my body prefers, perhaps not exclusively but definitely the majority of the time.


  1. Rapid weight loss.  I lost a few pounds fairly quickly.  I think that was mostly bloat but either way, it was exciting to see that on the scales.
  2. My muscles seemed to build up better.  In my opinion, if you’re trying to build muscle, eat paleo!  If you check out LiveLean on YouTube, those two are CUT!  And they only eat paleo because that’s what our body craves, without the extra junk.
  3. Energy!  I felt clear-headed and energetic way more than if I have a carb-heavy diet.  My body seemed to be running well internally and it showed.


  1. This is difficult to do if you’re not in your own home or have complete control over the kitchen. Since I’m living with my in-laws I’m not sure it’s something I can sustain long-term:  a) There are WAY too many non-paleo food options available, which makes it a CONSTANT strain on my willpower, and b) I hate not eating food that’s being provided to me for free.  When I have my own kitchen and I’m the one bringing items in, I can see maintaining a mostly-paleo diet long-term again.
  2. The rest of the family doesn’t eat paleo.  My kids like pasta and rice and my husband enjoys tortillas.  There are easy ways to give the rest of the family their gluten or dairy or whatever but it’s an extra step you have to be mindful of.  You can’t just throw together a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs on a weekday.  (That being said, have you tried spaghetti squash???  That really does make instant noodles!)
  3. It can be expensive.  Meat is much more expensive than bread, especially grass-fed or antibiotic-free meat.  I think if you’re really careful it can pan out, depending on how simplistic you want to eat, but it’s still a budget concern.
  4. It can get boring.  Especially if budget is a concern, it can feel like you’re eating the SAME THING every day.  I know a lot of fitness gurus eat this way and if you can tolerate it, great!  I know for some it makes life simple but I like to enjoy my food too so that can be a bit of a balance and struggle to find good meals I want to eat over and over.

Do I suggest everyone give paleo a try? YES!  I think there is something to this idea of eating like our ancestors.  I know I felt a lot better while eating paleo, aside from the low-carb headaches.

I plan on maintaining a lower-carb intake from now on and trying to eat as paleo as possible given my current restraints.  I will not be going back to sandwiches and toast anytime soon.

I’m curious: How have you enjoyed this week-long experiment?

Until next time,


YouTube: Live Lean TV


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