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Minimalism: a Continuous Journey


If I could sum up my journey with minimalism thus far, it would be with the word “continuous”.  Minimalism is not a one-time, clean-out-the-house-and-be-done kinda thing.  Rather, it’s a shift in mindset and with that comes a continuous evaluation and re-evaluation of everything that you bring in and take out of your life.

I’ve noticed that if I don’t put timeframes on certain items, they can build up.  So, when I see paperwork piling up, I dump it all and sort quickly. Minimalism helps me to be more ruthless about what I actually need to keep and what I can let go of.

As for clothes, my closet is nice and light right now so when I bring in new things, I am encouraged to take out items to keep it that way, whether they are out of season or no longer my style.  (This is for another post but DON’T be hesitant to wear your favorite pieces more than once in a week.  I do this all of the time now and no one has said anything. lol  I’ll write a whole post about my 10-item wardrobe in the near future.)  Ryan and I share a single, two door, NOT walk-in closet and both of our clothes easily fit in the space, with plenty of room to spare.

I also ask the kids to re-evalute their small toy collection frequently.  If I’ve noticed a toy hasn’t gotten a lot of touch time in the past few weeks I’ll inquire and see if they’re ready to part with it.  When you phrase it as “Would you like to donate this so another child can enjoy it, since you seem to be no longer interested?” they are quite willing to give it up, if they are truly done with it.

I enjoy the continuing assessment of my possession as it helps me to feel much more in control of my surroundings.  Ever item that I DO have, at least that is mine, is something I have actively chose to bring into my life and keep there.

Our stuff from NC has arrived and is being loaded into another storage unit.  I am excited to start unboxing items such as clothes and toys and seeing how much I can donate.  Having lived with so little for four months, it’s amazing how your actual desires come to the forefront.  I know which items I appreciate and am happy to have moved and those items which I had completely forgotten about.  Of course, with a family of four, everyone has different items they value so in the long run, most items will probably be accounted for.  Either way, my goal is to purge as much of my own personal belongings that I can and hopefully encourage my kids to do the same.

I’m curious: If you are on this minimalist journey, what trends have you noticed about how you approach your “stuff” now that’s different than before?  I for one feel so much more empowered about my life by making it about the “important stuff.”  One effect of minimalism for me is starting this blog, and while I have a long ways to go, I really enjoy writing it and sharing with others.

Until next time,


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