Jumpstarting Change: Shaun Week

Shaun Week

Why do I love Beachbody on Demand?  For $99/year I get every Beachbody program, including the new releases, and it’s all digital.

While I am loving my current yoga and walking routine, (Boho Beautiful has taken me to a new place with my yoga practice) I was feeling like I needed a challenge that would get my energy back up.  I was lacking cardio and I could tell I was getting too comfortable being stagnant.

Enter Shaun Week.

I’ll be honest.  I am NOT a fan of Shaun’s.  He is HARD and cardio is not my favorite way of getting fit.  I tried T25 and I hated every day until I finally just dropped it.  As I talked about in my consistency post, it’s so important to find a fitness routine that you will do daily.

That being said, I figured I could do a week, and a week was exactly what I had before I have a family beach trip.  Who doesn’t want to look their best in their bikini?  If that’s not  motivation, I don’t know what is!

I’m not done yet.  Today is Day 3.  I’m writing this now for two reasons: 1) accountability ( I know I’ll do all 7 days if I blog about it) but more so, 2) I’m so impressed with this program that I wanted to share now.  I also wanted to post so I could maybe start a conversation with others also in Shaun Week. 😉

Know Your “Why” 

I think fitness has to be more than just a bikini.  That can be your short-term goal but you need a much bigger why in order to never “start over” again.

My “why” currently are my kids.  I want to have the energy to jump around with them, play an impromptu game of tag at the park or run around when they get crazy.  I know myself.  I’m not a natural high-energy, run around person.  I’d much rather chill.  But I want to be an active mom and I’m finding that I need to keep up my cardio in order to feel physically fit enough to do just that.

Now that I wrote this, I’m off to punish myself and sweat.  Seriously. This guy makes it look like a took a shower!  But that’s a good thing.  We’re meant to sweat.  So don’t be afraid to get uncomfortable.

I’m curious: Are you doing Shaun Week?  What’s your “why” for getting/staying active and fit?  

Until next time,


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