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Pampering Perfection: Why I Decided to Relaunch My Perfectly Posh Business

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My Story

It all started back in early 2015.  My husband was deployed and I was home with our two young kids.  I randomly came across a friend who was selling Perfectly Posh.  She brought me some samples of Honey Honey Hand Creme (discontinued) and The Healer Stick for my dry, winter hands.  Not only did the products smell amazing BUT they worked and overnight my dry, painfully cracked hand and knuckles were nourished and healed.

I decided to purchase a Consultant Kit because I wanted EVERYTHING and I figured I would just share and see how it went.  I knew NOTHING about  business or direct sales and I spent the next twelve months doing everything wrong.  (Tip: don’t spend all of your earnings on MORE product haha).

Once my husband was back and my business was getting busier, I made the painful decision to step away from my business.  I wanted to refocus on my husband and my kids.  It was hard giving it up but it was the right decision at the time.

However, life has changed dramatically since early 2016 and while I have PLENTY to keep me busy, I have decided to re-open my Perfectly Posh business but this time with different goals in mind.


My goal is to SHARE and to share CONSISTENTLY.  This is my challenge to myself that I can actively share and pamper others without sacrificing time with my kids. That means being more creative this time around about the time I spend on my business.  So far, my goal is to use social media to promote.  And above all, my goal is to have fun and enjoy the ride!

I think with direct sales we can all get caught up in the numbers and want that high figure that few obtain, right away.  When it doesn’t happen for most of us, it can be discouraging.  However, most of us also don’t have a business degree and perhaps aren’t working their businesses smartly.

Why Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh has a special place in my heart.  I’ve always been drawn to more natural, gentle products that have safe ingredients and are sustainably made.  The hippy in my LOVES Perfectly Posh for these very reasons.

Perfectly Posh IS:

  • Made in the USA
  • NEVER tested on animals
  • Made WITHOUT fillers
  • Focused on sustainability, especially with palm oils and other oils, such as essential oils
  • Simple pampering with products that soothe and nourish both the body and the soul


I hope that you will take a peek at what Perfectly Posh has to offer, both as 1) a consumer in  making smart choices that impact both our economy and our natural resources, and 2) a possible consultant.  If you had asked me back in 2014 if I would ever get into direct sales, my answer would have been a resounding “no,” paired with a great, big laugh.

My “Why”

Everyone has their own “why.”  My “why” is me.  As a mom and wife, I pour out love and leadership every day though homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, playing, and loving.  Perfectly Posh gives me that bit of personal challenge, growth, and relationships with other women that I desire and that keeps me grounded to give the best I can to my family.

To Learn More

To learn more about Perfectly Posh, please visit Perfectly Posh with Laura. And feel free to comment below or email me with questions, either about direct sales or Perfectly Posh specifically.  I do NOT have all of the answers but I love to teach so I’d be happy to help!

I’m curious: What is your favorite scent?  I’d love to match you with a pampering product I know you’d love!

Until next time,

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