Cross Catholic Outreach: Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor


Today at Mass we had a guest priest, Fr. James Quinlan.  Priests are generally impressive, at least to me, but this guy was definitely special.  He had a strong, clear voice and caught my attention, causing me to desire to hang on his every word.

He was visiting from overseas, where for the past six years he has done missionary work with Cross Catholic Outreach, helping the poor and displaced by giving them basic needs that on a daily basis  we can easily take for granted: food, water, medical care, and shelter.

He told this story today during the homily, that convicted me write this post:

During one of his times in Haiti, shortly after Hurricane Matthew, he was at an orphanage where 700 children were currently living, having lost their parents in the disaster.  During a meal he was to man a door (which was merely a place where the door used to be located) and if given the signal, he was to stop the line and inform the remaining children that there was no more food.  They had been supplied nutrition packets that can feed 6 children at a time, pouring them into large pots, but there was uncertainly whether there would be enough.  

He prayed with all his heart that he would be saved from having to turn a child away.  However, during that very mealtime he was given the signal and had to place his hand out, stopping that next child from receiving much-needed nourishment.  As he looked into those big eyes and those of the children still in line he promised himself that he would speak out about the needs of the poor and the displaced in order that no child  would have to be turned away again.  

Cross Catholic Charities gives over 95% of its donations to program services: 

$24 can feed 160 poor children.

$50 can provide life-saving medical care for infants in impoverished communities

$100 can help sponsor a self-help project, allowing families to break the cycle of poverty

$500 can help sponsor a water project, delivering safe drinking water to a poor village

$2,500 can build a multi-room house for a family in desperate need


To learn more, visit

To donate directly, click here.

To donate to a specific cause, something that speaks directly to your heart, click here.

To donate based on greatest need, click here.

Please pray about helping this cause.  It’s a fairly new charity, though its presence already spans 43 countries and is 100% supported by church congregations and individual donations.

I’m curious: what area do you most wish to impact in the lives of the poor?  (There’s a category for that with THIS organization.)

Until next time,


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