Hello!  I’m a 33-year-old happily married mother of two little kids and stay-at-home mom/homeschooler.

I started this blog as a way to share what I get excited about.  I seem to always be discovering something new and I want to immediately share it with everyone I know (and don’t) because I want to enrich others’ lives with the product or idea or experience that I found enriching.

Originally I was sharing my finds on Facebook but I’ve noticed that my very limited, private audience wasn’t responding the way I had hoped.  I needed a bigger forum, not for my own personal gain, but purely with the purpose of helping others.

So, with that said, I hope you find some use out of this blog.  I only share products I myself use consistently and have found very worthwhile.  The subject matter is going to be very diverse but always with the underlying current of my own personal perspective at this time in my life.

Until next time,