Minimalism: a Continuous Journey

If I could sum up my journey with minimalism thus far, it would be with the word "continuous".  Minimalism is not a one-time, clean-out-the-house-and-be-done kinda thing.  Rather, it's a shift in mindset and with that comes a continuous evaluation and re-evaluation of everything that you bring in and take out of your life. I've noticed… Continue reading Minimalism: a Continuous Journey


Paleo Detox Week: Day 7 and Final Thoughts

Day 7 was fairly easy and uneventful.  I did have to make a separate dinner from leftovers because the family was having a pasta dish but aside from that, I just ate my usual standbys, along with more cookies. Those cookies were NOT a good idea if my goal was pure weight loss.  That and… Continue reading Paleo Detox Week: Day 7 and Final Thoughts


Paleo Detox Week: Day 5 & 6

With the concern that I was becoming redundant, I decided to stop posting daily. Something interesting happened last night: my stomach was upset.  And this morning I woke up with abdominal pain.  Up until now I've been pain-free so I knew it had to be one of two things: 1) I didn't take my Restore supplement… Continue reading Paleo Detox Week: Day 5 & 6


Paleo Detox Week: Day 4

Woohoo!  Hello abs!  The permanently bloated stomach has disappeared.  Not only that but I've dropped over 3lbs in 4 days.  That's just over 2.5% of my total body weight. 80% of weight loss and fitness is WHAT YOU EAT! You don't need to hit an exact 80/20 ratio to shed pounds, but it is important… Continue reading Paleo Detox Week: Day 4