Minimalism Helped Me Let Go

My rocking chair.  This beautiful piece of workmanship rocked both my sister and I as infants, as well as my own two children.  I have vivid memories of Chloe piled on this chair, reading her first books with her many stuffed animals. Or being up at 2am with Neil, nursing him sweetly while looking out at the… Continue reading Minimalism Helped Me Let Go


Minimizing Kid’s Clothes

There's something that happens when you become a mom.  Suddenly, you get to dress another person.  Not only that, he or she is adorable and small. And you're in complete control! Over the years I've noticed that buying the kids' adorable outfits gives me a little high. When Ryan was deployed clothes shopping for the kids… Continue reading Minimizing Kid’s Clothes


Minimalism: a Continuous Journey

If I could sum up my journey with minimalism thus far, it would be with the word "continuous".  Minimalism is not a one-time, clean-out-the-house-and-be-done kinda thing.  Rather, it's a shift in mindset and with that comes a continuous evaluation and re-evaluation of everything that you bring in and take out of your life. I've noticed… Continue reading Minimalism: a Continuous Journey


Minimalism Tip: Keep a Donation Bag/Box

When it comes to practicing minimalism, I have found that a constant re-assessment of my "stuff" is in order.  This is what makes minimalism so powerful: you don't clear clutter once; you clear clutter continually.  I think that is where the other clutter self-help books fail: they don't deal with the aftermath.  Sure, you can… Continue reading Minimalism Tip: Keep a Donation Bag/Box