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Minimalism: a Continuous Journey

If I could sum up my journey with minimalism thus far, it would be with the word "continuous".  Minimalism is not a one-time, clean-out-the-house-and-be-done kinda thing.  Rather, it's a shift in mindset and with that comes a continuous evaluation and re-evaluation of everything that you bring in and take out of your life. I've noticed… Continue reading Minimalism: a Continuous Journey

Simple Living

Minimalism Tip: Keep a Donation Bag/Box

When it comes to practicing minimalism, I have found that a constant re-assessment of my "stuff" is in order.  This is what makes minimalism so powerful: you don't clear clutter once; you clear clutter continually.  I think that is where the other clutter self-help books fail: they don't deal with the aftermath.  Sure, you can… Continue reading Minimalism Tip: Keep a Donation Bag/Box

Simple Living

Minimalism: a Game-Changer

Maybe it was just because we were purging anyway.  Maybe it was because I was packing up the house with no idea what our next space would be like.  Maybe it was because it was right around the Christmas season and more was being added to my house when I wanted less. Whatever the reason,… Continue reading Minimalism: a Game-Changer